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I suffer from seasonal allergies so I was taking medication for them and on a daily basis. Since starting acupuncture I have stopped taking the medication and have the same relief. I also suffer from headaches and migraines. I would take Aleve or Tylenol on a regular basis as well, but with acupuncture, it has drastically reduced the amount of pills I take a day to some days, none at all. I would recommend the Acu-Lounge to all my friends and family. 

Jeff, Camarillo

I am 77 years old and have been in treatment in treatment at Acu-Lounge for four weeks.  
I no longer experience pain from Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis that I have had for the past two and a half years. My back and foot pains are steadily improving. Digestion and bladder problems are also much better.
When I finish each acupuncture treatment I feel like I am 14 years old, happy and very relaxed.
Acupuncture makes my life worth living.

Kathleen M. Camarillo

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